The Karakoram-Pamir Landscape Initiative is a transborder initiative for conservation and sustainable development in the Sino-Pak border region. Initiated by an agreement signed in Beijing between the Governments of China and Pakistan on setting up an international nature park for the protection of Marco Polo sheep and other endangered species, the landscape initiative was formalised through the 2008 Kashgar Declaration by the Government of Pakistan. The initiative will focus on maintaining the sanctity of protected areas on each side of the Sino-Pak border, creating an international protected area by establishing connectivity corridors in the Himalayan and Karakoram mountains across the Pamir and Kunlun mountains. Emphasis will also be given to creating sustainable economic opportunities for the people in the border region and improving their quality of life by mobilising them to protect the environment and enhance the local economy.

Region: Western Himalayas
Country: Pakistan, China
Latitude: Min:34.071293 Max:35.174476
Longitude: Min: 72.714468 Max: 74.221973
Total Area: N/A


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  • Important Bird Areas
  • Protected Area
  • Corridor
  • Ecology
  • Globe Land Cover
  • Landscape
  • HKH Boundary

Protected Areas:

Protected Area NameIUCNCategoryType
Central Karakoram National Park IINational Park
Khunjerab National ParkIINational Park
Taxkorgan Nature ReserveIVStrict Nature Reserve

Corridor Areas:


Ecosystem Services:




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