Mahananda-Neora Valley

The proposed corridor between Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary and Neora Valley National Park is an important migratory route for Asiatic elephants. It is approximately 40 km long and covers three forest ranges in Kalimpong Forest Division. The corridor passes through the southern boundary of the reserve forest areas of Darjeeling. Its buffer in the north consists of the reserve forest areas of Mongpong, Lish, Churanthi of Chel Range, Ramthi, Lethi, and Fagu blocks under the Noam Ranges. The corridor and its buffer zone cover the whole of the Mal Block, parts of Sakam in Darjeeling district, and enters West Nar Block of Neora Valley National Park of Wild Life Division-II in Jalpaiguri district. It is also an importatant migratory route for Asiatic elephants.

General Information:

Landscape: Kangchenjunga Protected Area Type: Corridor
Established Year: 2005 Area: 292 sq. km.

Geographical Features:

Country: India
District(s): Darjeeling
Min: 26.83917109137 Max: 27.0487780839
Min: 88.43960312846 Max: 88.76897310595
From: meter To: meter
Average rainfall (m): N/A

Biodiversity Features:

Province: Himalayan Highlands
Biomes: Mixed mountain systems
Vegetation: Forest comprises of the lower hill forests or the North India Moist Deciduous forests, and the subtropical Broaf Leaved Hill Forest consisiting of degraded Riverine forest and Teak Plantation which is quite extensive at the foothills. Scattered bamboos grow under Teak, Sal and other Natural regenrations. The areas are also seem to be invaded by Eupaotrium, Mikania supressing the growth of natural vegetation.

Socioeconomic Features:

Community Structure:
Natural Heritage:
Cultural Significance:
Livelihood strategies: livelihoods based on organic farming, floriculture, agroforestry, animal husbandry and mixed framing sytems

Conservation Management:

IUCN Category:
Management Authority:
Park Head Quarter:
Conservation History:
Conservation Challenges: Unplanned toursim, Presence of tea gardens and other development infrastructure along the Elephant migeratory routs, Human-Wildlife conflict
Conservation Efforts:
Transboundary Features:
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