Protected Areas in the HKH

Protected areas are an integral element of global biodiversity conservation. The Seventh Conference of the Parties (COP 7) to the Convention on Biological Diversity urged all signatories to effectively conserve at least 10% of the world’s critical ecological zones. Protected areas are a key indicator of global commitment to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

The eight countries that share the Hindu Kush-Himalayas have established 488 protected areas, covering more than 1.6 million sq. km and accounting for 39% of the total areas of the HKH; this is well above the global commitment of 10%.

The list of protected areas given below can be filtered according to country, type of protected area, and IUCN category.

Country: Designate: IUCN Category:
Protected Area NameCountryDesignateIUCN CategoryEstablished DateArea (in Sq. Km.)
Ab-i-EstadaAfghanistanWaterfowl SanctuaryIV1977270
Ajar ValleyAfghanistanWildlife ReserveIV1978400
Band-e AmirAfghanistanNational ParkII1973410
Dashte-NawarAfghanistanWaterfowl SanctuaryIV1977700
Kole Hashmat KhanAfghanistanWaterfowl SanctuaryIV19731.91
Pamir-i-BuzurgAfghanistanWildlife ReserveIV1978679.38
ChunatiBangladeshWildlife SanctuaryIV198677.64
HimchariBangladeshNational ParkV198017.29
PablakhaliBangladeshWildlife SanctuaryIV1983420.87
Sangu MatamuhariBangladeshDesignation Not KnownUnset 0
TeknafBangladeshGame ReserveUnset1983116.15
BomdelingBhutanWildlife SanctuaryIV19951538
Jigme DorjiBhutanNational ParkII19934350
Jigme Singye WangchuckBhutanNational ParkII19951730
Khaling/Neoli BhutanWildlife SanctuaryIV1993273
Kulong ChuBhutanWildlife SanctuaryIV19931300
PhibsooBhutanWildlife SanctuaryIV1993278
Royal ManasBhutanNational ParkII19931023
SaktengBhutanWildlife SanctuaryIV1993650
ThrumsinglaBhutanNational ParkII1998889

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PAs include IUCN Category from I to VI. Data available are from 2008.